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Wolves act as wolves do. Giraffes as giraffes, swans and swans.  A swan can’t pretend to be a fox….as much as a fox cannot pretend to be a bear.  As humans, we can mimic and imitate just about any life form.  As matter of fact there is nothing in nature that does not reflect human nature, abilities and tendencies.

As humans, we have the power to adopt any aspect of any animal behavior we feel would be beneficial or assist in serving any given situation.  A mouse or a lion in the workplace depending on your survivability.

Some are mice in the workplace because they want to stay.  If you are not a lion in your supervisory position, you are going to get eaten alive when the pack mentality takes a turn from mice to wolves… Blood in the water and the sharks appear.

When you can adopt a certain animal behavior and even intentionally attempt to adopt an animal totem hero for a day, life can have a whole new gleam.  Use your daily banal routines to try on different animal hats.

Same workday as a lion, as opposed to an ostrich, as opposed to a hawk, as opposed to being eagle in flight tomorrow !  Animal totem mentality can invigorate your boring workweek.  Begin seeing the different animal behavior in your daily life in those around you.  Mice, snakes, clever foxes and huntress hawks.  Really makes life a little more invigorating to notice people as wearing animal costumes.  Brings lion king to real life playing out like a play before your very eyes .

Shake things up a bit and explore animal totems.  It could invigorate your DREAM LIFE AS WELL.






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What if we all thought the same.  What would that same be?  What if everyone thought about that zombie-life.  Or do we follow the thought pattern of totalitarian religious ideas?

That being said, it’s safe to say, we are not all thinking the same thing all the time.  While sitting in traffic, the lady in front of you may be thinking about her recently deceased mother, while the person in front of her is streaming music/movie/porn on their iPhone .

Those who meditate on fantasma or video games, relish in that make-believe; making real life look pretty boring. Those who meditate on higher things have a higher purpose.  If only to discipline one’s mind, or attempt purity of thought.  #bhagavad #gita #holyones.

Knowing that not everyone is thinking the same thoughts all the time, helps us be more compassionate towards each other.  Because we don’t know what others are thinking. Be free to think. Being mindful of your thoughts. #mindfulness.  Remembering that others have their own. (way of thinking).

But wouldn’t it be great if everyone thought like you?   (Gosh I hope not.  When I think about some of the things other people think about!)



This may not apply to the corporate structure.  In the business world, being unified in thought and process is essential. We tend to share and agree on thoughts and ideas regarding business dealings. But in the workplace, on a daily meditative basis, others are not always on the same page as you.  You are googling different things…(your individual life’s necessities) and not always clapping in response to today’s lecture. IOW, people go back to thinking thier own thougths after “the lecture”.


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8 Signs we’re turning into Our Parents (and that’s OK)

Accepting this phase of life is a drastic and sometimes traumatic change. As such, some resist accepting these truths- of becoming more familiar with self, and the past that created us. Embracing the “I’ve become my mother” love… we can step in to that future, inheritance and joy… of loving and living a past, your children will never understand.
Enjoying that moment when THEY realize, they are just like YOU, with that much more fervent love, excitement and joy. When, in their old age, you can pity them for the world they live in.

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We all have our habits.  As children and teenagers, our habits, of course, were normal.  The actions of our parents?  Not so much.  They spoke of television shows and songs we knew nothing of while reminiscing about five and dime stores and baseball cards in bicycle wheel spokes.

It was bizarre.

Now that we’re older, well, it all makes sense.  Somewhere in our 30s, these bizarre habits seem to kick in and now we too, are perfectly fine starting conversations with total strangers in the store.  If we’re so inclined, maybe we’ll show them our carpel tunnel surgery scares too.

Here are 8 habits that say, without a doubt, we’re turning into our parents.

1.  We Engage in Early Morning House Checks


This is also known as, “I have to go to the bathroom at 2:27 AM, so I might as well give the house a once-over while I’m at…

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grander you

Every opportunity is a new opportunity to be the bigger, better you.  The more practice and experience you gain in making the most of every moment, every interaction, every confrontation, the more comfortable you’ll be in your new skin.  The more obvious petty moments sound. The more obvious petty people are. The more obvious that everything is a petty ccomplaint.

When you recognize the connectivity of it all, the more petty our daily bumbles seem.

The grander life is.

The grander our purpose is.

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Apathathetic Sea of Sad

The Apathy in this world is outrageous. The younger generation perpetually chanting “No one cares”.

They seem to not care about school, manners, the future, the state of the world or their country.

When you consider no one cares.  What difference does it make what you do?

Consider then that what you do does matter to YOU, your future, who you are, what you will do, what you will be.

Where you will place your personage?  Deliberately and on purpose.  Be purposeful with what you do!

Especially if no one cares, what difference does it make if you choose to be better, rise above and perfect your actions?

Go ahead and be better.  The big “they” don’t care if you wallow in filth or flounder like a fish out of water.

It’s one thing for you not to care about others, or that others could care less about you.

But don’t you care about you?  Where you put your feet, what you eat, when you go to bed.

Where in your brain do you find peace, happiness and joy?…Do it on purpose and with mindfulness.

If for no other reason than no one else cares.  Shouldn’t you?

An expansion on this chapter on Apathy in A Course to Center.

Find Compassionate Communication available now:


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Squirrel mentality

I bet squirrels think they are pretty busy and pretty important (to themselves, about themselves and about what they are doing). Frantically running around gathering nuts.  Ending the day feeling pretty accomplished.  For what??? They are just running up and down trees, not caring about squirrels in the adjacent neighborhood, across town, or even across the street. Cincinatti or New Orleans for that matter!  They just run around accomplishing their task for the day, not even concerned (until they learn a lesson or two) about running out into the street and getting hit by a car!  Just running around gathering nuts for their little hole in the ground.

What’s the car in your daily routine?   Interent? coffee? lunch routine? particular people?

What bowls you over and derails you or even “kills” your drive, motivation, reason for being?

Are you getting hit by “a car” daily?  Or is it just one vice that floors you, creams you, flattens you out?

You little squirrel, you!

Don’t be mindless about running around, frantically accomplishing today’s tasks. Avoid the common patterns or destructive behaviors that derail.

Keep your eye on the prize and be mindful about gathering your nuts.  There are neighboring squirrels gathering nuts too, all over the world as a matter of fact.  Be mindful of that too, when you interact with other “squirrels” in traffic, the hall at work, public places.  Be mindful of the fact that you are not the only squirrel with a mission.  When you return home to your little whole in the ground, remember, you weren’t the only one out their gathering nuts today. (Those you love have been busy too).

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Embarrassment as a tool

When you think about it, it’s not that far fetched a theory.  Watch and ask yourself, are you doing it to some one else.  It is a very powerful tool.  So much so, it’s used in classrooms, government offices and the workplace.

The saddest place, for me is the classroom. Terrifying and embarrassing children in the classroom, for some, in the hallway in the name of silence or on the playground for cooperation.  Government too uses it for cooperation, and this is pathetic.  In a land, where men can speak and have unalienable rights, we embarrass the needy, the wretched, the visitors, the immigrant.  The mother who needs milk for her children and the  soldier picking up his disability check .  For the government it is abominable.  Commercials, propaganda, housing, soup kitchens, charity and the uber wealthy.  Shame is a powerful, valuable tool un-ashamably used to keep a man down.

Finally, the workplace.  Your boss, co-workers or even the sandwich man uses embarrassment to control the crowd, control the group, control the ladder climber.

When I see a child shamed, a single mother shamed, or a brave civilian in the workplace take on the challenge of confronting a wrong-doer in the corporate world, I cringe.

A strong , usable and over-used resource. . . let’s use compassion to get what we need.  Be softer in our requests, and use our words (kindly) to relay our point.   Using shame as an embarrassing tool is the easy and cowardly way out. It is lazy, immature, and an un-educated response to loosing control of the situation.  Embarrassment ends the argument quickly and solutions are come to terms sooner by silencing the offender.  When about when we are speaking truth? or defending the helpless?  Note that you are chastised in the bank line, because you are pointing out a workers incompetence. . . to control the crowd!

It takes being brave at all to voice our opinion, put ourselves out there, or ask for help.  Why are  we punished with shame rather than rewarded with kindness?


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Cheaper to keep her?

It is thought, the costly part of divorce is, the divorce costs, splitting monies and sharing income “literally”.  However, the cost HE pays in the exit of the wife out the front door are these services he’d have to hire to replace her.

Chauffer/ valet – cleaning and maintenance of the vehicles(oil changes and car washes.  Pulling out the fast food trash, lunch boxes muddy shoes, yesterday’s change of clothes… A professional getting paid doesn’t have the pain -in -the- rear or the level of “cleaning out the car” as a mom.   Parking, organizing the garage.  Sweeping and mopping and decoarting the garage so it’s a pleasant place to go .  Making the garage and parking arrangement smooth, transitional and functional.  WALK THROUGH AS THEY SAY.

How busy is your week after your husband gets a wild hair to spend “the weekend in the garage”? 

Butler – $50-110k /year.  depending on the weight of their duties and how many subordinates they manage.

Ever wondered?  Look it up!  

Housekeeper – clean house, laundry, change sheets, dust, vacuum, keep schedule for family, cook, meal plan, grocery shopping, popcorn clean-up, etc.

laundry maid – this wonderful civilian could return to her own private life at the end of a busy day, but is happy to turn a load or two daily for you to help you to stay on top of dirty socks.

Personal Chef– the reason he has to afford this individual is because his wife usually caters to his specific needs, wants and requirements.  She does not force him to eat the macaroni and cheese and hot dogs she made the kids for dinner.  But surprisingly enough, he’d be happy to have that too!  Once in a while a man does just want a peaunut butter and jelly sandwich.

So, for all the women out there who accomplish these tasks (daily) and can’t feel the gratitude, feel free to remind him once in a while what yoru “free” services aren’t costing him. 

And trust me!  This is exactly why divorce is not an option!

Aphrodite-aphrodite-27169798-89-120  http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss/181-1425989-4321838?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=heathermassoth


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The thing about change, most people expect the worst.  The extreme.  Go straight to the worst case scenario.  Or the extreme – haha!  Let’s not change our hair or our address, before we simply change our route to work.  Perhaps, the long way home as they say!  Perhaps salad instead of steak, or blue instead of pink (nail polish, hair color, baby room paint).   These are scenarios alone are scary, but braved, break through the fear of possibility.

Change doesn’t have to be apparent and obvious….and most of the time it’s not!  It takes years to let the long way home affect your outlook on life.  Volunteering to pick up the kids from school; saves mom the trip to the school.;  has rippling effects that cause her calm, and the kids bonding time with you and you, the break from the routine and 5 o’clock traffic.  Now you are in  4:00 traffic.  A whole new world.  Welcome to after-school life !

Change is quite healthy when it is salad over steak, toast over eggs, and slow over fast.  But change can be drastic in small doses as well.  One less cup of coffee or one less beer.  These are the fear factors that produce real evidence of how scary change can be.  

But try it and see the outcome.  The other results; other than those that directly affect you; that affect those around you like co-workers, sisters and friends.  Blue instead of pink can open up new window of opportunites, invitations and light into your life that others could not see into those dark shadows. 

When they think you “get” blue over pink, you might be invited to a rave, a same sex couples’ baby shower, a friend of your child’s mother might think you are worthy of an art show opening or a late night phone call.

Little changes can produce big results.  So be careful!  And remember you don’t have to change ALOT to change a little.

Clean water is a goal for many Americans. 

The Ripple Effect


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Karma – excerpt

Karma is something we’ll touch base on here as it is a big part of why Compassionate Communication matters and should be important to everyone in the everday, day-to-day lives.

When we consider that people we meet, know or live with are people we’ve met, loved or known before, we take on a whole new perception of why certain people bug, jibe or flatter us (compliment us).

The possibilities are endless and the fanatasies – off the charts!  But allowing your imagination to run wild when you meet someone who affects you – helps with these compassionate communication excercises.


Buy the book when you see it on the shelf!owl

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