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8 Signs we’re turning into Our Parents (and that’s OK)

on March 3, 2016

Accepting this phase of life is a drastic and sometimes traumatic change. As such, some resist accepting these truths- of becoming more familiar with self, and the past that created us. Embracing the “I’ve become my mother” love… we can step in to that future, inheritance and joy… of loving and living a past, your children will never understand.
Enjoying that moment when THEY realize, they are just like YOU, with that much more fervent love, excitement and joy. When, in their old age, you can pity them for the world they live in.

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We all have our habits.  As children and teenagers, our habits, of course, were normal.  The actions of our parents?  Not so much.  They spoke of television shows and songs we knew nothing of while reminiscing about five and dime stores and baseball cards in bicycle wheel spokes.

It was bizarre.

Now that we’re older, well, it all makes sense.  Somewhere in our 30s, these bizarre habits seem to kick in and now we too, are perfectly fine starting conversations with total strangers in the store.  If we’re so inclined, maybe we’ll show them our carpel tunnel surgery scares too.

Here are 8 habits that say, without a doubt, we’re turning into our parents.

1.  We Engage in Early Morning House Checks


This is also known as, “I have to go to the bathroom at 2:27 AM, so I might as well give the house a once-over while I’m at…

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