You can't doing everything everyday!

Squirrel mentality

I bet squirrels think they are pretty busy and pretty important (to themselves, about themselves and about what they are doing). Frantically running around gathering nuts.  Ending the day feeling pretty accomplished.  For what??? They are just running up and down trees, not caring about squirrels in the adjacent neighborhood, across town, or even across the street. Cincinatti or New Orleans for that matter!  They just run around accomplishing their task for the day, not even concerned (until they learn a lesson or two) about running out into the street and getting hit by a car!  Just running around gathering nuts for their little hole in the ground.

What’s the car in your daily routine?   Interent? coffee? lunch routine? particular people?

What bowls you over and derails you or even “kills” your drive, motivation, reason for being?

Are you getting hit by “a car” daily?  Or is it just one vice that floors you, creams you, flattens you out?

You little squirrel, you!

Don’t be mindless about running around, frantically accomplishing today’s tasks. Avoid the common patterns or destructive behaviors that derail.

Keep your eye on the prize and be mindful about gathering your nuts.  There are neighboring squirrels gathering nuts too, all over the world as a matter of fact.  Be mindful of that too, when you interact with other “squirrels” in traffic, the hall at work, public places.  Be mindful of the fact that you are not the only squirrel with a mission.  When you return home to your little whole in the ground, remember, you weren’t the only one out their gathering nuts today. (Those you love have been busy too).

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Milk Before Meat

My book is for everyone!  In all places at all times!

Ever find books so far over your head, you wonder, who reads this stuff?  That is what concerns me about the millions of people out there who don’t read at all, much less,  pick up a book for help.  Millions of people who need direction, assistance, guidance, don’t dare pick up a book that they get lost in in the first two chapters.

I would lose sleep at night contemplating that someone would give up on my book before they got to the end. Avid readers can read my book(s) in an hour!  My particular dose of medicine caters to piece meal and baby-steps methodology.  So though, one may appreciate chapter 2, they may not need chapter 7 for their particular stage of growth.  When they get to chapter 7 as their favorite, they are past or have mastered, chapter 2! Aphrodite-aphrodite-21787817-79-120

If you are curious about the simplicity of my message, check out COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION: ( link on picture)—->

Know that it is not written for my colleagues per se, as it is preaching to the choir, as they say.  It is written for the customer waiting in the waiting room, the over-worked, over-tired commuter, the teachers lounge, for easy lunch time reading, the yoga  practitioners before and after a healthy practice, the yoga instructors needing a quick lesson for today.

My message is to reach millions who need loving kindness laid out simply, in easy to achieve steps, with simple attainable goals, double spaced for easy reading and hopefully life long study.

Yoga Instructors, preachers, Christian soldiers, teachers.  Just about every human being needs these simple steps to begin loving kindness with thy neighbor.  Knock yourself out!  PLEASE use it to help those who might not quite “get it”!- yet.

Excellent read for:

  • social workers
  • as well as relaying lessons and methods to anger management clientele.
  • Excellent fod for meditations
  • and surviving family situations.
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