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Karma – excerpt

Karma is something we’ll touch base on here as it is a big part of why Compassionate Communication matters and should be important to everyone in the everday, day-to-day lives.

When we consider that people we meet, know or live with are people we’ve met, loved or known before, we take on a whole new perception of why certain people bug, jibe or flatter us (compliment us).

The possibilities are endless and the fanatasies – off the charts!  But allowing your imagination to run wild when you meet someone who affects you – helps with these compassionate communication excercises.


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Compassionate Communication

Compassionate Communication causes us to take a step back.  Frees us from having to be so heavily buried in the moment we can’t see our way out.  Allows us to take the higher road because we chose to treat the customer service rep like someone we knew in a past life.  Just sit and observe and on a higher level, be forgiving and compassionate and praying, that in anyway,  you ever harmed this person you will be forgiven.  By the end of the communication, they may be apologizing to you ! Consider the past, present and future effects of our reactions in communication.

When regulating current behavior for future results, it helps to be calm in the moment.

We may ask ourselves, why do I care?  Why should I care how the other person feels?  They don’t care (how I feel /what I want).

When we take the time to invest in the relationship, (especially with our own children -these are life long relationships) we change our perception of the moment.  When you look back, what does that look like? 

This moment now is the one you will be looking back on.  What do you want it to look like?

Into the future, as close as tomorrow, will your action/reaction RIGHT NOW, be one you look back on and don’t have to question, “Did I do the right thing?”

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Karma people!

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Being ok with who you are


I'm ok...Being ok with who YOU are!

I’m ok…Being ok with who YOU are!

Sitting  with SelfThat is a huge task to undertake.  Not an easy habit to pick up.  Speaking of habits, there are alot of habits, we’d have to break, to acquire a conversation, and a relationship with , Self. 

As with any habit, it requires repitition and a habit- forming practice.  Practicing when you can , where you can;  to know the whys and hows of what is going on around you.

This huge undertaking asks you to call on, tap into and be in touch with; your spritual center. 

To begin to practice living from a soul-based place.

See www.heathershouse.net  for skills and techniques to lead you to “center”.


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Give yourself a big hug!

Don’t hug your ego! The outer projection of what we create for survival. But your inner child, who wants attention, affection and recongnition. Touch base today, with your soul’s inner crying out for dreams and aspirations to be reached for ! Sit quietly with that inner voice. Hear the desire from your inner most self. Sit with this request, look at it, love it , breathe through it. Be ok with who you are! This visualized individual of what you want to be, and then give yourself a big hug. Your inner child is begging to remind you of what you truly love, who you truly are, and what you truly should be. Hug and embrace that inner spirit that wants to be loved back!

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Are you ok? with who you are?

 I'm ok...Being ok with who YOU are!Being ok with who you are.  Big undertaking for some people.  Most people think they are o.k. and think they do like themselves, just fine.  Not comprehending the idea of an intimate conversation with or sitting with oneself ~ like an old friend.  We are comfortable with our ego.  The shaft or mask we wear to survive in the world.  Who we think we are and the outer self we portray to the world.  That self is happy to sit and watch to tv or have a glass of wine to relax.

But the early morning self you wake up with that leaves you inspired to call an old friend or your parents.  Reconcile with a sibling or join a dance class.  This is the inner voice and true desire that slips away with every sip of coffee.  You waft your thoughts away with the days deeds.  Slowly, your soul surrenders to never being heard.  Yells and complains in your sleep (with dreams and nightmares) or not letting you sleep at all

Your soul also knows why you are here.  Quietly communicating inner needs to your inner voice during inner most quiet interludes such as sleep or meditation.  People who find it hard to meditate, find that they are instantly bombarded by these thoughts, desires, dreams and needs.  Tend to think they are not meditating because it is not “quiet”.ShhhThey feel they can’t accommodate their dreams and desires because it would be indulgent and time consuming.  Child like to think one can fulfill ones dreams or finally be a firefighter?

Listening to that inner voice answer that question for you;

is the connection to spirit

that if you can’t get everyday,

you practice and try and be alert

or commit two to five minutes a day to listening for it.

These little bits of practice and mindful moments are reminders that you are “going to work” ~ PUT ON THAT MASK.  

But come back to who you are.  And if you can’t be that 24-7, try 7 minutes a day – until you can do 70 minutes a day (about a 7-10 year journey).. then 7 hours a day until it is 70 hours a week!poohPractice makes perfect.  Practice 2 little minutes of giving yourself a nod in the mirror.  The reflection is what other people see.  When you leave the house, your viewing the world from this side of the lens.  Project out… who you are inside, if you dare!

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Embarrasment.   Turning things around.  Using this emotion, as a lauching pad, for seeing:

#1.  WHY you are embarrassed.

#2.  Can you stand up?  Against it?

#3.  Can you turn this emotion into a productive one?

Most therapeutic responses to embarrassment are that your inner child has been affected, and your inner child is wounded.  If you look at

#1.  your reaction

#2.  the offense

#3. could you? would you? do it over?  different?

DOn’t dwell and beat yourself up over it.  Just wait for the next opportunity to “do it better”  next time.

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