You can't doing everything everyday!

The Muse

Ever written something and then said?  that’s what this is  about?  Have you ever had an idea you want to relay ,and it turns into something else entirely?


I was writing a suspense mystery, about druidic magic and ancient times, and it turned into an ancient and typical love story.  It sounds like Romeo and Juliet!!!

I just pushed myself away from my writing table and exclaimed, “It’s a flippin’ love story?”  I just walked away from it.  Got wrap my brain around this one!

More than once, an article on child management, turns into a diary entry.  Or an article on an event in the news turns into an awesome presidential speech (for any would-be-president that wants a notebook full of speeches I have written over the years! )

And lastly, a thank you card to an old friend that turns into more than you bargained for.   A pen pal for life for having more to share than you realized!

Just write!  Write it first.  Then edit.  That’s the only way the story gets written.

Just write!  Then find a buyer.   But who knew, and who knows? 

The magic of the pen pours out when you pull yourself away and let the magic pen do its thing.


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