You can't doing everything everyday!

on December 16, 2012


Needless to say, heirarchy is a thing, that once respected, understood and recognized allows other features of life to fall into place.  Quite gradually and naturally, at that.  Heirarchy is necessary to the natural order of things.  While we resist, insist, and muddle around it, there is confusion, upset and much injustice.  In the eyes of the rebel who does not recognize they are skipping a step, but  also in the eyes of he who stands above.  The mere fact: “Shouldn’t he have to ask me before he does that?”  Heirarchy is a big word and even yet a bigger thought, and more so a bigger process, but definitely a big part of chaos and creation.

When, if even, we set something above (ourselves), there is peace and humility in that.  With peace and humility comes calm.  It just makes it easier to get through the day, if you are not trying to do it all yourself!

Have respect for authority.  And let them do what they need to do!




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