You can't doing everything everyday!

Potency. Affect. People.

on December 13, 2012

Neither is greater than the other. The pollen or the Bee.  Neither is more important than the other.  One is just bigger.


The other is more potent.

Potency is a thing… Potency can’t be taught. You either have it or you don’t. You are either effective or you’re not.  Like the teacher that teaches you “silence out of noise”, or the lesson of death from a falling leaf…


Like the flowers of the field and the countless species in the ocean, we all have certain aspects, intriquicies and similar talents. But none are the same. We are all unique. And as such should do what we do! as the God-given talent was assigned.

Not wilt like a flower in the light of that truth, or growl like a lion ‘cuz we don’t like it!

But accept and embrace! Not ignore our potency for the courageous awesomeness that we are/have.

But, what you do is just as important as the guy sitting next to you .

And even more importantly, the why! Because he can’t do what you do and you don’t do what he does!

Go within and find that talent, dream, aspect that seperates you from the rest, and celebrate!

You are potent! Especially if you are the pollen!

The pollen of inspiration for others to do the same!



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