You can't doing everything everyday!

Karmic Relations

on December 6, 2012

Which came first?  The pollen or the bee?  The work of the pollen and the work of the bee.


The heirarchy of things.  The way things are, always have been and will always be.  That is the very definition of God.  And Christ so said.  “Is, was and always will be”.

It’s human nature, to let it be: we naturally return to being plain old, “creatures of habit”.

To be Divine: Breaking those habits, resisting those urges, turning back the tide.

Even commanding nature to obey!

“These things and more can you do”!

Be something more!

Be brighter, be better, be God-like – that is our command from Heaven.

“Liken unto the little children”, or” BE PERFECT, even as your father in heaven is perfect”!

The pollen is the seed, from which comes the flower.  The bee distributes the pollen.

We too, distribute the sweet nectar of the word of God, or the Love of God, and the flowers bloom without us looking, or even  ever knowing.




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